Wednesday, August 1, 2007


I've been tagged twice lately. Once by Marlou over at Stampingwithloveand bumper tagged by Deb at Scrappingranny. I'm not good at tagging other people but I'll try and here are a few little useless bits of info on me !!

  1. I can't stamp or scrap without a bowl of sweedish fish handy.
  2. I HATE peas, even the smell of them cooking.
  3. I can't sit through a movie at home (I always fall asleep) .
  4. I am so glad baseball season is over!
  5. I've gotten so addicted to stamping this summer that I am now ordering products on line (Oh No)!
  6. In the seven years I have been at my new school I have gone through 3 different teaching partners. I sure hope it's not my jokes that scare them away!! (they all moved out of town.)
  7. Most of the time I pay for my scrapping and stamping products with cash so my husband doesn't know how much I spend. Come on, I'm sure I'm not the only one who does that!

So, here is some more dirt on me. I hope it doesn't scare anyone away!!

1 comment:

Marlou said...

thanks for playin along Sharon, I love to read the tags, they can be great fun :)