Tuesday, November 11, 2008


A picture's worth a thousand words! How true! This picture is of my son and his teammates. Danny is number 44. His team was awesome this year. They didn't lose any games all season, they won their first playoff game and then lost the next playoff game and couldn't play in the championship game. That was a killer. However, the other teams were awesome too. It was his best season yet and being his eigth grade year and last grammar school year to play it was amazing. I really hate football because I don't know a thing about it but I really learned to like it this year. Hopefully he will play in high school and he does want to. As I write this now, he is at a football practice for an all star football game this Friday. His teammates voted for 3 boys to go and represent their team and Danny and number 4 and 20 were voted in. So one more game this weekend and then on to baseball. Anyway, thanks for looking and listening to me brag a little bit. Have a great rest of the week!!!


Lynda said...

Sharon ~ How exciting and you have a right to be proud! TFS

Alexandra said...

Brag away mom, that is fabulous - he is doing really well, you SHOULD be proud! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

chelemom said...

Brag away!!! You should be proud!!!