Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It's Raining Again!!

Yep! Once again it's raining here in ChiTown. I thought this card would be appropriate for a day like today to post. We haven't had a great summer so far. It has either been raining or chilly. Now, I don't mind the chilliness but I'm sure the pools are hurtin' around here. Watch, it'll be scorching hot in August when we go back to school with no air conditioners. That's Murphy Law for you!! Anyway, this card is made all from SU paper, even the polkadot paper. The image is MFT and the flowers are Primas. I tried coloring in her raincoat but that didn't work out so well so then I paper pieced it together. It looks much better. You would think being a first grade teacher I would be good at coloring but I'm not with all these fancy markers and colored pencils I have. Maybe I should take Coloring 101 at the local college!! Well, I'm off to accomplish something today (maybe some scrapbook shopping). Have a great , nonrainy, day and thanks for stopping in.


Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

oh sweetie you definitely do NOT need coloring lessons. this is beautiful and the colors are super, super, super!!!

with this weather we're having why are they talking "climate change"?????? idiots. LOL.


chelemom said...

I love this card Sharon....and it looks even better in person!!!

Debby said...

Sharon your artwork and coloring is fantastic! Loved browsing your blog.