Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Wouldn't You Know It

Just when I am all gun hoe on making cards like crazy I go and get sick. I have been fighting off a cold and horrible cough for three weeks now. It has been so crazy around here that I didn't stop to relax (I know that is how everyone's life has been this month). I ended up at the hospital for a chest xray and I have pneumonia. I've never had it before and don't wish it on my worst enemy. The coughing is unbelievable! So I'm not sure how much creative juices I have left in me right now. As soon as I feel a little better I'll get back at it. I can still surf the blogs though.
Take care and thanks for checking in with me!


Emilia said...

So sorry to hear this... Hope you get better now!
Take good care of yourself~

chelemom said...

Well that sucks! I hope you feel better before next Friday!

Marlou said...

Oh sharon, I am really sorry to hear you are unwell, and I hope you are back to yourself real soon, look after yourself and a happy new year to you, hugzzz xxx

Deborah said...

I am so sorry it was serious in your chest, poor thing! Just rest and take your meds. This is slow going,it takes time, I have been there. Hugs, Deb REST!!!