Saturday, October 18, 2008


I AM still alive out here in blog land. As much as I like football and competition band season I will be glad when it is over. Tomorrow is Casey's last competition, but football is another story.
Danny's team has not lost a game and is going into playoffs next weekend. Maybe the championship after that. HOWEVER, Danny managed to break his wrist at practice on Thursday and will now be hanging out with the waterboys on the sidelines. It's pretty depressing because he is so into the season, he plays the whole game and they really count on him (he's the kicker and something else (I don't know my football positions)). This is his first sports injury ever, amazing!! On another note, I ask you for some extra prayers these days. My girlfriend's 16 year old son was in a car accident last weekend and is really broken up. They had to rebuild several vertebrae using hip bones and his sholder is also broken. He is wear a halo on his head. Matt is healing fine but the saddness and why me attitude has set in. I know he will be fine in the long run, but the long run is going to be a very long road. Any extra prayers you have will be greatly appreciated. Thanks so very much.
Anyway, I will stop rambling on. I haven't stamped is so long but haven't forgotten it. The minute I have an extra five minutes I'll be back at it. So, take care and thanks for stopping by~


Deborah said...

So sorry your son took such a nasty tumble! He is young and God willing he will heal beautifully and be good as new next season! Poor guy! Hang in there Mom!Deb

chelemom said...

He DID break it?! Poor guy! Keeping S's son in my prayers....